Cold Winter

by Sheisty Khrist x LoFidel

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$haVabii This one of them albums you can’t wait to put your folk onto. A masterpiece I would put on par with “a piece of strange”. Hopefully we can see another collar project by Sheisty Khrist and Lofidel in the future. Favorite track: 40 oz. Guzzlin.
fellis mcguire
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fellis mcguire So's all hot, but I'm diggin Havana Nights... Favorite track: Havana Nights ft. Natti of Cunninlynguists.
Nicolaos Colucci
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Nicolaos Colucci Sheisty is a beast , and natti is part of cunninlynguists(which is my favorite rap group) this is pure gold Favorite track: Havana Nights ft. Natti of Cunninlynguists.
Michael Allison
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Michael Allison AHHHHHHHHHHHHH man Rappers and beat makers here is some inspiration, or motivation to step it up
steve matherly
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steve matherly Running!!!! Bumbo!!!!!!!!ain't we all! Favorite track: Running.
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Verse 1 In the streets we spit venom, Out here hues is blues like a dope dealer's bitch in fit denom. No shooting stars Some crews go for coup d'État Or shoot at cars with ten niggas in 'em. For no reason, In the the hood you would think there's no seasons, Cause every fucking day is below freezin'. Where body's hold lesions, And I suppose you'd have a cold heart, If you pushed snow throughout the whole region. Women buy nylon, Men fight with men with a tire iron, Others spit fire like Dylan. Knives put a scar on, 911 niggas dial on, Junkies sky high like the eye of Sauron. And on the block niggas fire at cops, While others carry rocks, In their high ass socks. No Nasdaq's, niggas buy that stock, If you can find ways to invest in Pyrex pots. Shots! Verse 2 Fiends carry blow like the breeze, In the streets though the cops yell freeze, Before they squeeze in your clothes like Febreze. Hoes like to tease, Some carry a mold-like disease, That shit'll put holes in your cheese. A chill in the air, As soon as you think they still care, They kill a man in a wheelchair. Fuck a million a year, When a poor man eats a meal a day yo, That nigga feels like a millionaire. Shots hit buildings, Niggas fire shots through the ceiling, Of a man who's got six children. I try to diagnose it, No God here most die agnostic, These motherfuckers got sick feelings. And I don't mean cavities In this melting pot crabs grabbing me, Pulled down by man and gravity. Cry to block the savagery, They say that some still live lavishly, I feel the cold steel stabbing me.
Verse 1 Dead niggas eulogy. Fire and ice. Fam, I would blam a dread Call that a hammer head, Full clip and a hammer Tryna get that banana bread. You can't touch this/ My nigga screamin' Hammer dead, High-speed shoot outs, On camera, yo, I'll ram the Feds. Computer blue, No RAM and my camera dead, Like 'fuck the slammer', Tryna give me that slammer bed. Shoot til my Tek is empty, I'm out here reckless tempt me, For the record I wrecked in Cinci, with a speck of Sinse. Jumped out the car runnin', Runnin' a hunnid miles, Pocket with a hunnid vials, For a hundred mouths. The cat and mouse, A hunter meets the hunted house, Avoided a hunidd trials, Tryna get a hunnid thous'. Filthy to filthy rich, Life is a filthy bitch, Caught in the matrix, I hate that I can feel the glitch. I'm running base, yo, I hope that they can field the pitch, Either you heal the stitch, nigga, Or build a ditch. Verse 2 They pray to Christ the Father, I pray for rice and fava, The price of poverty, I pray the vice don't ice my father. Like fuck that ice and water, We on that Ice and Prada, The price of fodder, To be hot you gotta ice your broad up. That's just some shit I brought up, These streets 'll get you caught up, Murder for hire, they murder liars, These streets are bought up. I'm moving like a villian, Don't try to fight the feelin', White the height of the ceilin', Like that of white Sicilians. Those nice at stealin', They'll rape a niggas wife and kill him. First take the knife and peel him, This makes their life fulfilling. This life's appealing, I won't stop until I ice a million. They say that ice will chill, I wear my ice for chillin'. I'm cold as fuck though, That's why I wear the nice Chinchilla, Coffee and cocoa and I ain't talkin' iced vanilla, They'll ice your dealer, killer, Here's some great advice...
My Spanish hoes flip O's like Vanna White, Carlos Santana-like Havana nights. These fucking snakes always looking for a hand to bite, They'll rob a man for a whole grand and his Nike's. Yeah niggas pop wheelies on motorcycles, While women pop Molly's, man,I know the cycles. In a world without God there are no disciples, In a world without God too many loaded rifles. So niggas throwin' dice while they hold their bibles, And old niggas wearing gold like they know we're tribal. They wanna disrupt my way of life, Life's a bitch that I never shoulda made a wife. Too many ears that I never should have gave advice, You either live like a slave or you pay the price. That's why I move like I'm made of ice, For every dollar that they made though I made it twice. These niggas killed God though and made a Christ, These niggas killed God, yo, and made a Geist. I was told a man's mind was his greatest vice, That's why he had to kill God, but he made a Sheist. Natti: Heart fulla thorns head fulla thistles , Human natures the hue in nature we painting pictures. Dealt plenty lemons without the sugar spoon and pitcher, So Natti just break em up and sweetin' em in my Swisha. If u ain't got no issues you ain't try to see a stand, Loaded with magazines double meanings in hand. Demons runnin' the land in suits suited to man, Shits foul all over when poop shoot in a fan. No matter what the spin on it swing but don't fight, Shots to the casaba could evolve a Havana night. Shots from a revolver could solve a Havana gripe, Smoke 'em if you got em but scene in a different light. Or the red light district obscene in a different light, Watch hookers apply themselves applying heat to the pipe. Sweatin' like the summer of Sam weapon in hand, Come see the weight of the world moved by the gram.
Listen. In the street's there's no hero, Even though there's heat it could reach below zero. Eventually each man becomes a beast, At least there's a thing or two that he could teach Nero. And not Robert DeNiro, Here we make plots to rob Robert Shapiro. A dead body at the pier, You're swimming in the water a dead body appear. One in the head, maybe one behind the ear, Yeah salt water ain't only a tear. Salt water ain't only off the pier, You can turn a blind eye but the blind often hear. It's cold.
I was taught how you break a man's will, You show a man himself that'll make a man ill. A cold heart that don't make a man chill, Like too much fake shit don't make a man real. Food for thought don't make a man a meal, There's too many holes in this whole man of steel. What's Superman without a cape? A beach without sand/land without an ape. It's like a fucking boombox without a tape, How the fuck can you be Superman and out of shape? A man that used to fly and lift planets, Now high is the metaphor for man who sniffs granite. Someone who smokes spliffs and sniffs Xanax, The thing about a plan, man, is that you have to plan it. He used to daydream with Lois, Now you have to stoop to see this man at his lowest. Someone so strong that he could throw us, But now seems affected by the same winds that blow us. I guess that's the fate of mankind, You wait just to calculate the weight of man's mind. And heavy is the burden, so why waste your time giving advice to a man When you can barely get a word in? Look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, No that's just a man in pain
One foot behind me, one on the line, So many problems I keep running all the time. Sometimes you gotta face 'em though you come from behind, But don't chase the whole pack, catch 'em one at a time. Yo you gotta keep runnin' once you hear the gun and, It produces fear when they hear you coming. Just stay in your lane though and fight through the pain, Cause pain is like a thing, it bites through your brain. So much you overcame don't worry about the rain, Just remember Ali on the day you light the flame. Until then you keep runnin' cause victory is summoned, It don't matter, man, if you a man or woman. The ones who win that's who you see prevail, The ones who lose refuse to bleed or frail. So close to the edge yall I can see the rail, The ones who gave up hit their knees and fell. And have you ever noticed all the ones who've seen hell, Will make it to the finish line heave and flail? You may see this as a story, yo, even a tale, It might sound crazy but I can't even tell. See some things basic, pain you gotta face it, Most minds are chained they remain like a bracelet. So near to the finish line,yo, I can taste it, I don't run from change motherfucker I embrace it. Everything negative within you erase it, Some hit the wall, others deface it. They say to know your place, I say you replace it. You gotta know the pace, You gotta be patient. Watch how you breathe, yo, watch your form, You're running out of time like a watch deformed. Some choose to fail, that is not the norm, You gotta open all the windows up and watch the storm. Anticipate the rain, train for the pour, Til every ounce of your frame is game for war. Somebody once told me that, I wasn't so sure, Now I'm telling you I seek the same rapport. I was told everything is lost in time, No matter what you win when you cross the line. And that's a win/win though it's all sublime, It's just a couple of things that had crossed my mind. I'm still out here running. You gotta keep running. You gotta keep running You gotta keep running. But you can't keep running.
When the boy who is no longer a boy looks at that old photo now, he doesn’t see a happy family: a mama, a daddy with an arm around her waist, hand on the boy’s head, his kid sister’s face mostly hidden by cotton candy. He only remembers what came after too many times to count— another crash in the kitchen, another slammed and locked door, and the sounds coming from behind it masked by too-loud music. The boy who is no longer a boy remembers one early winter morning, 3 AM, mama wakes him up from sweet and sour dreams before Daddy gets home from chasing tail, Daddy’s demons out chasing him. Mama’s hands steer the boy to the garage where his sister is already strapped into the backseat of their minivan. He climbs in front. Looks back at his sleeping sister, the four garbage bags around her bursting with clothes. The cooler they took on picnics in the summer means they are going somewhere far. Through the window the silent world is a frost-bitten grave. The boy is his mother’s child. He doesn’t ask questions as they drive away from the house—not to the grocery store not to the library, not to the bank, not to school, but to the highway, they keep driving north until the world is nothing but a blur of sunlight and snow. When the boy who is no longer a boy looks at that photo now, he doesn’t remember much except what happened after that day, his mama white-knuckling the wheel her face a crossroads, and he remembers her voice murmuring, every time they cross a state line, “Almost there, babies. We’re almost there."
I was searching for you girl but you were M.I.A, Always poppin' bass I heard you moved to MIA. We would fuss and fight but you could never see it my way You just packed your shit and hit the highway. Fed up by the tears, all the wasted years, and looking at me sideways You left the year that Cube dropped Friday. So in love. In '93 (fuck!) We felt like infinity, You, me, the Godhead it felt like a trinity. Fast-forward 2 years you felt like my enemy, You just seemed to lack a certain energy. I fell back. You misconstrued the way I talked like a failed DAT, Most of the dudes you started fucking used to sell crack. Some still do. They just wet you up like mildew, It's fucked up these niggas coulda killed you. Took off your veil maybe they revealed the real you, You let 'em bump and grind you like a mill do. My head was spinnin' (yeah) it was like they windmilled you, So ill a man can feel this in his milieu. I can't complain. And even though I still suffer from the pain, I can't get you outta my brain. Somehow I think that I can..
<Let's get it! Let's get it.> Maybe I got A.D.D. nah that never added up, I spilled so much ink on the page you'd think that I was tatted up. Used to walk these city streets hoping rappers battled us, Now we're scared to get this cheese, These niggas might rat on us. Mama told me "take this pill", I'm afraid it'll make me ill, Somebody said 'that make you chill' yo fuck that shit I can't sit still. That shit is illusory, Mama think she losing me, Pulled me back she bruising me, some would say abusing me. That's A.D. in HD, how crazy my face be, Niggas always on the chase anyway I think they wanna race me. I got a short attention span not so such retention and, I forgot to mention they just put me in detention, man. Really it's so elemental they all think I'm mental, fam, Niggas got my name in they mouth like I was a dental dam. Wrecked I'm out here driving reckless like I had a rental, fam, I forgot to pay attention damn I meant to, fam. Lee G (Hook): I don't like people they make me wanna kill, I'm sick of medication and I can't sit still. Clinically insane mentally I'm ill, But that don't mean that I don't motherfucking know how to chill. I try not to contradict myself but I will, People label you negative just for how you feel. All I'm hearing is I'm going crazy but for real, I think it's just these pills Deacon The Villain: Fuck you and yo X men, X-Men yo so-called best friend. You weak from all that false praise, I'm more like Swayze's Next Kin, Put fingers round yo neck skin, Let's see if swag'll save ya, That false praise like adderall I'm mad at yall behavior. You real as 40 acres with a mule, That one that told your brother that the slave ship was a cruise. Oh what a fool believes not him I'm talkin' bout you, That one that paid for love til it raided ya you're so confused. Your brain is so contused, concussed I'm disgusted, Supposed to watch the throne but you that knight that can't be trusted. Fuck kicking some rocks, my nigga, hope you kick the bucket Damn you like mixing Uncle Sam with Uncle Ruckus. A dick that likes his butt kissed, But, sir, you no Dick Butkus. Matter of fact bet if you got a dick you tuck it. When bad luck hits I bet it feels like this, If delusion is a club then I bet you on the list. Shit.
40 Oz Guzzlin', Crack the bottle pour a couple gulps on the ground, Ignore everyone puzzlin'. Brew light up my mental, I'm out here hangin' with my crew, Feeling so right I might light up a menthol. Prolly be a Newport, Pop lockin' breakin' in my new shorts, Pop in the new tape by Too Short. Old E or Cobra, That's my antidote to being sober, So much for you to learn before your older. Twist the cap off inhale the odor, It smell like an ogre, Now watch it bubble up like a soda. Kiss on the bottle, Wipe the mist off with my wrist, Take a 5 minute piss off a bottle. Pour it for the homie, The shit be pouring outta my pores, I've seen old men pour it on boloney like... On the nights so lonely, prolly find me with a 40 Oz on me. When Crazy Horse came out with 64's, Had me feeling like I was on top of 60 floors. In a month I prolly guzzled 60 4's, Next month you begin again guzzle 60 more like..
Emtre (Hook) It's not the clothes or the cars, That's gonna turn you into a star. And yes you know this, man, Worth more than anything that you can hold in your hand. So clutch these jewels, What's the use of letting go all just for fools? Take your time and collect (recognize) what's precious to you (x2) Sheisty Khrist: My mind shine purely, If shine was considered a crime, Surely my mind would get me off with the jury. I throw blows in flurries, some prefer the blow up they nose, While others blow dough on clothes and the jewelry. I'm a precious gem, my impressions sorta like the skin of Precious, Coal black apply the pressure to them. Prefer the light though the rest of 'em dim, I heard you reap what sow and some are what they seem the rest of them grim. My mama told me 'be agressive and win', 'You gotta aim for the sky and hands down you'll be the best at the rim'. I'm sorta like the prototype, My old man drinking a King Cobra, I'd rather be the cobra that bite. I'm told I'm colder than Dakota at night, You gotta go to the fight and be a soldier, that's the Code of the Knight. Right. Some mix the soda and white, They focus on the negative, yo, I'd rather hold the photo to light. You see I'm tryna learn to learn to live with my pain, My friends thought I was livid, nah that's just the things that live in my brain. But in darkness I deliver the flame, My words they paint a picture, I'll give you something vivid to frame. I'm like Salvador Dali, might do a jewel heist in my Wally's, Move ice out the door on a dolly. Then hit the border prolly with a few hotties and two Border Collies, Sipping ice water on the shores of Bali. (hook) Rob Jackson: Grains of sand slowly slipping through the hourglass, Time's the jeweler as another precious hour pass. Another priceless stone placed in the crown of the ruler, Another precious poem placed on the paper to school ya. Only 30 Jesus pieces created a Judas, My team clink like the link was created in Cuba. But love of money much evil bring, Such an evil thing, but that evil sing. Like a fat church lady so even still, Niggas still keep buying pinky rings and chains. Big rims and watches like 'jewels is jewels', But that's just the clever rules to turn men to monsters. Sponsored unconscious by gold-plated sins we pen to make profits, When pens could make prophets. Kneel at the alter, alter their flows content, Spit nothing but jewels diamonds 'll flow constant. But constantly the constant barrage of images, Creates mirages that sabotage the limitless. Possibilities not knowing that your chain got you chained to the guillotine, Forsaking humility. Mistaking ability to change for the temporary, social mobility a chain could bring. The real life that chain ain't change a thing You just a fool with some big ass bling - and that's jewels nigga.
Maker and the owner, Kind that you find, With a chick in Jamaica, Sittin' naked with Corona. I study life with no diploma, In the air there's an aroma, You would swear all of my niggas had glaucoma. My pen's a Pentax, A wise man told me syntax, Could prolly get me much more than ten stacks. And what's ten grand? That's too much weight on my mind, Like a man tryna find a tin can. I used to grind ten grams, The ways the razor blade spinned the mirror, Made the lines of coke appear as pentagrams. That's life on the fringe, I'm tryna get it in til life ends, Without the use of a knife or syringe. Life's a bitch and a nigga too, That's why I look at what Beyonce and Jigga do, Nigga name a bigger two. I'm tryna get a million, Then a mate to birth me six chidren, Weight of the Earth Six Sextillion. My nigga told me six was reptillion, A seed indeed, I just throw it in the earth and keep tilling like...
This life is slimy, grim, a kind of grimey hymn, You either move like a shiny rim or Tiny Tim. That lightbulb in our attic though is kind of dim, Dull knives come to mind it reminds me of them. I once told a man that life was like a rat race, He sat and faced me and told me i remind him on Nihm. I asked him if he meant like the wise owl, I could see his eyes squint he made the eye scowl. I remarked that the eyes were the seat of the soul, He stayed seated said no son I is a vowel. I miss the ages of the mystic sages, Sadistic mages gave us mazes in heuristic books with missing pages. And told us find a way, You felt a kind of way, When men were knights and I ain't talkin' 'bout the time of day. When a rock was a stone you had to climb away, But now a rock will get you stoned and it's the kind you weigh. I said a rock will get you stoned and it's the kind you weigh, Niggas be lyin' I think they need some time to prey. But let's play pool And listen to some Les Claypool, Some men need blessings bless they crew. (I said) Some men need blessings, Yes they do, I say yes to today And to yesterday too. Everything is fine The mind is like a library, Do they bury lies? Yes they do. Frank Mabson (Hook): I can feel the Earth spinning Think we all might drift away, Yesterday a man told me it would end, But I think he mighta meant today. You could spend your whole life, Tryna keep your feet on solid ground, And still drift away, And still drift away, But that's just life. Verse 2 Some niggas spark and blazin', I'm like a mark abrasion, They say I'm too blunt, You'd think I had the mark of Asians. I turn dark into light, I make the dark amazin', Bring light to dark, You would swear the night was part caucasian. Thoughts, semantics, Fuck yall my thoughts are tantric. I floss pedantic Titanic in the lost Atlantic. We're lost in antics, Niggas calling Rick Ross satanic. The cost of panic, Got me thinking 'bout the cost of Xanax.
So far from the end, When you're this far away it's so hard to begin. You cop a brick and play the odds to win, Oh shit maybe this is Oz that we're in. A drug dealers paradise, Where all you need is drugs and a pair of dice. And some would tell you that this life is not real, But still who the fuck asked them for their advice? Bitch life is like a corpusle, Don't let the core of puss interfere with your hustle A wise man told me life was like a shiny gem, A wiser man told me that the gym was for muscle. I guess that's why we push weight, Smokin' kush while we drive tryna push weight. I asked my dude how he was he said "barely surviving", How the fuck you barely surviving yo you just ate?, I asked again all he did was sit there and grin, His little man walked in he said "he just eight". Verse 2 I have night sweats my bitch told me "ice that", Nobody ever told me shit like that. My tears soak the pillow, To chill I should probably smoke trees, And by trees I don't mean oak or willow. I thumbnail the 'rillo, Crumble the L right into the middle, Then blow until my eyes are real low. I can't tell if this a dream or real though , If this that fake or real 'dro, You know the kind of shit Jamaicans kill fo'. My mind is in a daze, I once thought crime was in a phase, 'Cause niggas held more 9's then Jenna Haze. Rewind to the days, When what you meant by niggas had 9's, Was at the mall and fly niggas was buying J's. Out here they'll rob you for your coat, Or rob you for you coke, Gun poke you leave a nodule in your throat. Allow me to give you logic to quote, The only project of hope...
I put the Earth on my shoulders and shouldered the weight, One knee touched the ground while I was holding the weight. Only 19 looking old in the face, Two Glock 19's on my shoulder and waist. I'm stressed out one hand holding my face, And both eyes closed like they hosed 'em with mace. I always felt I had control of my fate, But mankind is weak you can control 'em with hate. Yeah these words were written in blood, Cause higher science ain't just niggas hittin' the bud. Pour salt on the wound if you get hit with a slug, But ain't no coming back if you get hit in the mug. And ain't no coming back if you get put in the morgue, Where they got you in a box like you sit with the Borg. These fucking niggas eatin' chittlins and pork, You might as well have let a nigga take a shit on your fork. But far be it to tell you what to eat, fam, I'm just a little leery of those who clearly eat ham. We paint at night in the streets we keep cans, Canaanites nigga I'm just tryna meet Ham. My nigga told me he eat Spam, And females I email delete spam. The truth is though I always keep it hunnid, My thoughts so deep most niggas just think I'm blunted. You want it? You either hunter or you hunted, The game on the line nigga run it or you punt it. They bustin' shots put a hunnid in your stomach, So sick of this shit that I could vomit from my stomach. I took a peek and saw a comet from the summit, Keep my head up in the clouds nigga even when I plummet. I'm going down but I never dumb it down, Momma always working a daddy that barely come around. Cold winter I wonder how the summer sound, Black clouds yo I'm running from the thunder pounds. My nigga told me he'd front me and I can run the town, No handouts nigga I don't even want a pound. No hand out nigga I don't even want a pound, my life so hard yo I don't even wanna frown. These dudes 'll put iron in your shirt, Only time they smilin' is when you're lying in the dirt. Or leave you with a gimp nigga fire in you and smirk, Draggin' your leg limpin' like a lion when it's hurt. This is the concrete jungle, Where those who drag their feet on the concrete stumble. See I was told to keep it concrete humble, But fuck that to that I wave my finger like Mutombo. I'm standing on the block ready to take a shot, Cocked like my goddamn hand was on the Glock. Gimme the rock.


released November 22, 2015


all rights reserved



Sheisty Khrist x LoFidel Kentucky

Sheisty Khrist and LoFidel are here to rob your tour van and break all your shit.

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